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The journal welcomes for publication short notes, and full papers, reporting new results of research, in all areas of chemistry, including spectroscopy, chemical and medicinal physics, biophysics and biochemistry, crystallography and photochemistry and luminescence. © Anita Publications, All rights reserved.

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1 Introduction­   
All headings in 10 pt bold          All text in 10 pt
     Manuscripts (in triplicate, one original and two photocopies) for consideration should be in English and type written on only one side of good quality paper, in double space, with ample margin in all four sides. Good attention should be given to spelling and grammar.

2 Experimental
    All contributions submitted will be refereed. The authors may suggest the referees themselves, but editor may choose other referees also who remain anonymous. The Board of editors reserve the right to reject a manuscript and to edit a contribution whenever necessary. Normally the contributions are published within three months of the date of receipt. However, the papers submitted in the camera ready form will be given preference in publication. manuscripts should be presented in as concise form as possible. Page should be numbered consecutively and arranged in the following order : Title, author(s) name(s) with institutional affiliations(s), and abstract; introduction, experimental details/theory/methods, results, discussion, conclusions(s), acknowledgements (if any) and references.

3 Results and Discussion

In the text, references should be numbered consecutively in the order of their first occurence and should be indicated by  Arabic numerals [1]. Illustrations and diagrams must fit into a maximum of 14.5 cm width and be pasted at the appropriate place in the text. After the manuscript has been accepted for publication, the authors will be requested to pay Rs 250/(US $ 12.00) per printed page in order to meet partially the cost of production. This will entitle the authors  to receive 20 reprints of the paper free of cost. The authors after being informed for acceptance of their manuscripts may send the final accepted version of their papers in camera ready form (in duplicate alongwith C D in PM 7.0 or M S Word 7.0 office 2003) to the editor. The manuscript should be laser printed. All graphics and text should be within an area of 21 cm height and 15.25 cm width. For Table setting pl see below:
                               9 pt         Table 1 Recommended font setting are (table caption should be in centre)

                       Title of the paper                          :    12    point Times new Roman Bold in upper lower case (in centre)

                       Name (s) of Author (s)                 :    10    pt Times New Roman (See at the top. Lokesh C Rastogi

                       Address (es) of Author (s)            :    9      pt Times New Roman Italics (Pl see at the top)

                       Abstract                                      :    9      pt New Roman (in 15.25 cm width, pl see above)

                       Text                                           :    10    pt Times New Roman with Auto Leading

                       Section headings                          :    10    pt Times New Roman Bold

                       Subsection Headings                    :    10    pt Times New Roman Italics

                       Fig Captions                                :    9     pt Times New Roman (in the centre of Fig)

                      Table Captions                              :    9     pt Times New Roman Bold (in centre of Table)

                      References                                   :    9     pt Times New Roman (pl see at the bottom)


             Letterings on the Figs should be of appropriate size for reproduction. Kindly keep the total number of pages as even and use full page so that optimum use of available space can be made by the publishers. Editorial & Business Correspondence should be addressed to Editor, Asian Chemistry Letters, KC-68/1, Old Kavinagar, Ghaziabad-201 002, India. Ph. : 0120-2780506). Submission of  Manuscripts: Manuscripts that have not been published and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere, should be sent to Ms P Rastogi, FF-43, 1st Floor, Mangal Bazar, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110 092 (9511-32915236), ( or Mr. Manoj Kumar, KC-68/1, Old Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad, 201 002, India. Ph. : 0120-2780506 ( .The Manuscripts which are not according to the format will be returned. Annual Subscription : Individual : Rs 600.00 (US $ 100.00), Institutions : Rs 3500.00 (US $ 250.00). Subscriptions may be sent to Managing  editor,  by  Demand Draft drawn on any  bank payable at Ghaziabad in favour of “Anita Publications”.

4 References                                                    ←9pt
    1    Polzer T, Kiefer W, Asian J Phys, 6(1997) 387.
    2    Nakamoto K, Infrated spectra of inorganic and coordination compounds. (Wiley Interscience, New York), 1970, p 17.